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In accordance with Mass General Laws Chapter 39, Section 23B, the official meeting notices are posted on the "principal official bulletin board" of the City located in the foyer of City Hall.


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  1. Where can I get a Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificate? - City Clerks Office, Main Level, Room 209. 
  2. Where can I pay a bill? (Excise, Real Estate, Parking, Water, and 40-U Ticket) - Treasurer's Office, Main Level, Room 201. 
  3. Where is the Buildings Department/Where can I get a building permit? - Inspectional Service Department, Main Level, Room 201
  4. Where can I get a students work permit? - School Dept, Buisness Office, Lower Level, Room 110
  5. Where to go for Parking Passes, and Residential Sticker Renewals - City Clerks Office, Main Level, Room 209. 
  6. Where do I dispute a parking ticket? - Parking Clerk/City Clerk, Main Level, Room 209. 
City Clerks Office, Main Level, Room 209. 

Treasurers Office, Main Level, Room 201. 

Marriage LicensePay Water Bill
Parking PassesPay Excise Tax Bill
Residential Parking StickerPay Real Estate Tax
Birth CertificatePay 40-U Ticket