Emergency Preparedness

Chelsea’s Department of Public Health works with local and regional agencies to plan and prepare for emergencies that can affect the health of the community.

State and local health departments must stand ready to handle many different types of emergencies that threaten the health and safety of families, communities, and the nation.

Chelsea is a member of Region 4AB Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coalition, which is comprised of 60 cities and towns. The Region 4AB Coalition agrees to work collaboratively to meet the goals associated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness initiatives as well as other regional and local public health efforts.

An emergency can happen in an instant. Every family should have its own emergency plan, keep these items in mind:

  • An emergency bag ready in the event your family needs to evacuate.
  • Do not forget medications. Place a prescription bottle with a few pills in your emergency bag. Remember to remove or add new medications the doctor has ordered or prescribed.
  • Remember your pets too!

Special Needs Registry

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The City of Chelsea has created a voluntary special needs registry for residents who live at home who might need extra assistance during a major emergency. This registry is for residents with disabilities, chronic conditions, and/or special healthcare needs who live at home. This registry is not for individuals in a care facility such as a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility.

Sign up for the registry if you:

  • Use life support systems, like oxygen or a ventilator
  • Have trouble walking or rely on a wheelchair or a walker to get around
  • Are blind, deaf, or hard of hearing
  • Use a service animal
  • Have speech, intellectual or mental health disabilities
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