iconThe Chelsea City Council had approved a new ordinance that anyone found using illegal fireworks is subject to a $300 fine. We urge residents to not use fireworks and report illegal fireworks at 9-1-1.

Keep Children Safe: Children account for a significant number of fireworks injuries in Massachusetts every year. Forty-one percent (41%) of fireworks-related burn injuries reported by hospitals to the State Fire Marshal's Office in the last ten years (2011-2020) were to children under age 18. Twenty-six percent (26%) were children under age 10.

Children imitate adults. If you use fireworks, children will copy you, not realizing how very dangerous fireworks are.  

Fires caused by fireworks: In the past decade, 941 major fire and explosion incidents involving illegal fireworks were reported to the Massachusetts Fire Incident Reporting System (MFIRS). The incidents caused 12 civilian injuries, 42 fire service injuries, and an estimated dollar loss of $2.1 million, which is high considering most fireworks fires are outdoor brush fires.

Burns and injuries caused by fireworks: In the past decade, 32 people were treated at Massachusetts emergency rooms for severe burn injuries from fireworks (burns covering 5% or more of the body), according to the Massachusetts Burn Injury Reporting System. This does not include visits to hospital emergency rooms for eye injuries, amputations, puncture wounds, or more minor burns. 

The City encourages residents to enjoy free, family-friendly fireworks shows.
For a list of firework shows visit: - Professional Fireworks Displays.