Affordable Housing Trust Fund

The Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board oversees the City of Chelsea's Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The board advises and assists in the creation of new affordable housing and the preservation, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing affordable housing in the City of Chelsea. The board is authorized to receive and accept contributions to the trust fund. The board ensures the monies in the trust fund are used appropriately.

To read the Board's powers and duties, you can read this City's code of ordinance.  Administrative and technical support to the Board is provided through the Department of Planning & Development.  If vacancies open and you would like to serve on the Board, please contact the City Manager.

Board Members
Gerrit DeYoung-Chairperson
Crystal Carillo-Gamboa- Clerk
Edward "Ned" Keefe, Member
Teri Weidner- Member
Alexis Turgeon- Member
Kelly Chamblee-Member

Staff Contacts
If a resident has any inquiries for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, please reach out to the staff contact listed below.
Bianca Mercado