Housing and Community Development

Grounded by our strong focus on serving residents, the Department of Housing and Community Development (H+CD) strives to achieve a healthy and equitable community. The Department addresses community needs – physical, infrastructural, social, economic, and environmental – and the initiatives necessary to foster a dynamic, just, and diverse 21st century urban city.

Interdisciplinary in nature, the mission of the Department is carried out through multiple areas of concentration:  

Staff Contacts
Name Title Phone
Ben Cares Director 617-466-4192
Emily Granoff Deputy Director 617-466-4193
Tricia Seigal Finance Director 617-466-4184
Erica McCarthy Grant Manager 617-466-4197
Hector Velez Head Administrative Clerk 617-466-4180
Karl Allen Economic Development Planner 617-466-4190
Omar Miranda Civic Design Strategist 617-466-4198
Anna Bury Sr. Community Resilience Project Manager 617-466-4199
Julio Hernandez Senior Housing and Development Project Manager  617-466-4194
Bianca Mercado Housing and Community Preservation Manager 617-466-4185
Grace Umaña Resident Engagement + Resource Navigation Specialist 617-466-4191
Lisnalda Beriguete Nuñez Senior Housing + Economic Stability Project Manager 617-466-4187
Kristen Homeyer Resilience Manager 617-466-4196
Abderezak Azib Sustainability Manager 617-466-4191

Additional Information