Tree Board

The Chelsea Tree Board started in 2005 when Chelsea was given the award of "Tree City."  This was done under our old city manager Jay Ash.  It went through its ups and downs and today under the new city manager Tom Ambrosino it has been given some new life.  The Tree Board is composed of five members.  Andy DeSantis a certified Arborist, Diane Paxton, Fidel Maltez, Denise Ortega, Molly Dunn, and Julie Shannon.

Our greatest mission is to increase tree coverage, it now stands at 2%

The ideas generated by the session fall, for the most part, into four related categories:  maintaining, education, communication, and advocacy.  Maintenance;  selecting , acquiring, planting, watering, pruning, and removing trees.

Education: Making the citizenry aware of the roles trees play in our urban environment.

Communication: The exchange of ideas and information about trees and urban arboriculture among the city's stakeholders.  The knowledge and practice of everything that has to do with trees.

Advocacy: supporting the case for trees in Chelsea.

The Tree board has identified tasks that reflect its defining categories, and that seem both useful and doable.

1. Develop effective communication mechanisms through social media and the City’s website.

2. Develop Community engage activities around trees, such as adopt-a-tree programs, with an eye toward implementing such programs in schools, neighborhoods, businesses and social organizations.

3. Expand social activities with schools to encourage education and engagement around trees, such as annual field trips to Arnold Arboretum.

4. Identify ways to support existing efforts to "green' Chelsea: in particular supporting community and youth street-tree planting programs.

5. Begin building relationships with other city departments, e.g. the DPW the Zoning Board.

One of the coolest projects is an app, in which you can follow a map, learn about citizens of Chelsea and the trees planted in their memory.  Please see

The Tree Board meets on a monthly basis on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM at the public library. Please contact Fidel Maltez ( if you have any questions.

Board Members

Fidel Maltez
Molly Dunn
Andy DeSantis
Diane Paxton
Denise Ortega
Julie Shannon