Planning & Development

Department Mission:

The Planning and Development Department provides professional planning, project and program management services to residents and businesses of the City, to multiple member bodies, the City Manager, City Council, and all City departments as it relates to the physical, economic, social, and environmental needs of the City. The Department also develops the vision, policies, and goals for the physical, environmental, economic, and social growth and development of the community and incorporates these components into a comprehensive plan that guides the future of the City.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John DePriest, AICP Director (617) 466-4182
Tricia Seigal Finance Director (617) 466-4184
Alexander Train Assistant Director (617) 466-4192
Elijah Romulus Planner & Land Use Administrator (617) 466-4188
Paulette Velastegui Secretary Zoning Board of Appeals (617) 466-4181
Mimi Graney Downtown Coordinator (617) -466-4186
Bethany Rosa Housing Planner (617)-466-4185
Karl Allen Economic Development Planner (617)-466-4190