Digital Equity Fellow - American Connection Corps (ACC)

Position Description: American Connection Corps (ACC) Member
Host Partner: City of Chelsea, MA, Department of Housing + Community Development

Position Title and Information:

Digital Equity Fellow
1700 Hours
Full Time, 40 hours per week

Service Location:

Chelsea City Hall
500 Broadway
Chelsea, MA 02150

Reports To:

Immediate Site Supervisor: Karl Allen
Phone Number: 617.320.1119

The Digital Equity Fellow will play a critical and central role in the design and planning of the City’s Community Broadband Initiative.  The City has completed a Digital Equity Plan and a Digital Action Plan.  The next phase in our path to community-wide digital inclusion is to develop a detailed business plan and a deployment plan,  begin the process of collecting information on resident and business interest, as well as data on their actual experiences, and commence design and engineering activities. Furthermore, the City will actively research, pursue, and manage grant funding to support a range of digital equity and access initiatives.  The Fellow will assist in these efforts through community outreach, research, materials preparation, and data management and analytics. Depending upon skills and interests, the Fellow would also assist in the preparation of RFPs, research on grant opportunities, research on operational models, and development of a deployment plan, while assisting with a variety of project coordination activities.

Job Description (PDF)