Snow Do’s and Dont’s 2018

Obviously with this latest significant storm, Winter has arrived.  So this is an appropriate time to review some do’s and don’ts about snow.

Do shovel the sidewalk in front of your home or business.  It’s not just an act of courtesy and good citizenship, it is the law.  Our Ordinances require that sidewalks be cleared of snow no later than 24 hours after snowfall ends. 

Don’t shovel snow back into the street or into piles near the curb that reduce the number of parking spaces available on your block.  As much as possible, try to keep the piles of snow on the sidewalk at the curb’s edge.

Do shovel out fire hydrants, access to crosswalks, and storm drains.

Do use ice melt on sidewalks and stairs.  However, for the protection of our waterways, don’t use rock salt.  It contains cyanide as an anti-caking agent which can damage your lawn/shrubs and pollute rivers when it runs off into storm drains.  Consider instead:  calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, or calcium magnesium acetate.  While these are more expensive, they’re more effective and you need to use less. 

Don’t save parking spaces for more than two days after a storm.  Parking space savers should be removed after 48 hours, or they may be removed for you. 

Do check on elderly or disabled neighbors and help them if you can.