Attention Homeowners! Know how to get 100% off all approved insulation for all your rental units

For a limited time, the sponsors of Mass Save ® are offering owners of 1-4 unit residential buildings 100% off all approved insulation for all rental units. These energy upgrades can make your building more comfortable and reduce maintenance costs. Insulation combined with no-cost air sealing may also reduce insect and rodent infiltration, lower noise levels in buildings, and even allow the installation of smaller HVAC systems in the future.

To get started, schedule a FREE Home Energy Assessment at (978) 237-4530. Due to COVID-19, the assessments are currently over the phone or on video chat. They do not require anyone entering your building. The Home Energy Assessment is performed by the City’s partner All in Energy, who will:

  • Recommend reductions in your building’s energy consumption;
  • Provide you and your tenants with eligible instant energy savings measures such as LED light bulbs, high-efficiency showerheads,
  • programmable thermostats, and advanced power strips. These energy savings products are mailed directly to you at no cost;
  • Share with you additional discounts and incentives for your building, including, where applicable, no-cost targeted air sealing and up to 100% off approved insulation.
  • Other Energy and Cost Saving Opportunities for Multi-Unit Building Owners.

If you own a multi-unit building, you may qualify for greater energy- and cost-saving benefits through Community Action Program Inter-City (CAPIC) based on your income or your tenants' income. CAPIC offers energy-saving programs that can help you fix or replace faulty heating systems, insulate your home and replace inefficient, energy-wasting appliances - all at no cost to you or your tenants! CAPIC also offers fuel assistance to help eligible households pay for a portion of their winter heating bills. To get started, call CAPIC at (617) 884-6130.