Health & Human Services

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Main Office: (617) 466-4080
Nurse: (617) 466-4082
Location: Chelsea City Hall, Room #100B


The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and its component divisions is to ensure a Chelsea where investment in the social capital of the community is promoted. The goals of HHS are to assist residents in achieving self-sufficiency and quality in their lives through the delivery and coordination of services. In achieving this mission HHS has overall responsibility for the Divisions of the Library, Elder Affairs, Health, Workforce Development, Veterans Affairs, and Community Schools and Recreation. The Health Division includes the school-nursing program and the new public health outreach pilot, funded in conjunction with Mass. General Hospital. Workforce Development includes the summer youth and after-school internship programs, also the Refugee Services Project. Elder Affairs contracts with Chelsea Revere Winthrop Elder Services to deliver home care services to Chelsea elders in need. The Divisions also staff the following boards: Board of Health, Council on Elder Affairs, Library Trustees, Community Schools Advisory Board, Chelsea Human Rights Commission, and Weed and Seed Steering Committee.

HHS Administration:

The primary function of the administrative arm of the Department of Health and Human Services - is to provide administrative and programmatic support to the divisions. Administrative support includes, on-going assistance on any budgetary matters including assistance in the preparation of the FY budgets; monthly staff meetings where there is an exchange of information and problem solving; coordination of efforts among the divisions, supervision meeting with division heads and assistance with personnel issues. This Division, together with the Workforce Development staff, have assisted the many residents who come to City Hall seeking help after they have exhausted all other options. These have included individuals who are homeless, disabled, hungry and in need of work. Staff have spent hundreds of hours collectively in trying to locate housing, food, clothing, medical care, shelter, legal advocacy, jobs and other emergency constituent needs.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Luis Prado, MSPIH Director HHS/HA (617) 466-4090
Julie Nguyen Business Manager (617) 466-4092
Paula McHatton Public Health Nurse (617) 466-4082
Margarita Franco Administrative Assistant (617) 466-4091