Senior Tax Work Off Program

Updated February 1, 2021

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Overview of Program

The Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-off Abatement Program open to senior citizens (60 years of age or older) who own property in and pay real estate taxes to the City of Chelsea.  The purpose of this program is to allow senior taxpayers an opportunity to volunteer in exchange for a reduction in their property tax bill. The program participant’s name must appear on the property deed.  Participants must complete 111.11 hours of service in the program year, which runs from February 1 to October 31. A $1,500 property tax credit minus the required withholdings will be applied to the participant’s real estate tax bill in the following fiscal year, not current year’s property tax bill.  Applications are now available.

Program Requirements

Participants should work the required 111.11* hours of service to receive the total.  Hours worked may not be shared with another family member.  Each individual should fulfill the total hours of service obligation.  However, the City of Chelsea, based on need, may place the participant in more than one (1) job in order to fulfill the total hours.

*To receive the maximum $1,500 tax credit participants must work 111.11 hours. Working less than 111.11 hours results in a pro-rated tax credit based on the number of hours worked.

As of January 1, 2020, there are no longer any income requirements.


  • Be sixty (60) years of age or older as of January 1, 2021
  • Submit completed application along with supporting documents prior to beginning the program. This also applies to former and current volunteers
  • Be on the property deed as either Owner or Trustee of the recorded trust
  • Be a full-time resident at the said property
  • Provide proof of residency, age, and ownership or other evidence
  • Pay 10% of his/her tax bill
  • Be placed in a Department that suits the needs of the department & skills of the applicant
  • Applicant cannot exceed earnings that total more than $1,500.00 or more than 111.11 volunteer hours as per the state minimum wage, per calendar year
  • Re-apply every year with SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS in order to be eligible
  • Complete a CORI check and/or provide references if required by the work site

 Please contact Denia Romero, call 617-466-4170 or, with any questions.