Broadway Construction

The City of Chelsea is announcing the start of construction for the Downtown Broadway Project. The first phase of the project will improve utilities throughout the Broadway corridor from City Hall Ave to Williams St and a portion of Washington Ave from City Hall Ave to Bellingham Square. The second phase will beautify the corridor with a brand new roadway, sidewalks, and public open space, as well as install new traffic signals and pedestrian safety improvements.

The improvements represent the biggest beautification and utility reconstruction effort in Downtown Broadway in the last three decades, with a total investment of over $20 million.

The project's funding sources include the Chelsea City Council, MassWorks, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), and American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funding. 

Full Map of Broadway Construction Limits

Phase I - Utility Improvements

  • Projected Start: June 2024
  • Projected Completion: December 2025
Construction for Phase I is slated to start on June 10, 2024 and is projected to finish in late 2025. This phase of the project focuses on utility reconstruction that will result in water, sewer, drainage, and fiber optic improvements. The project will bring an estimate of 6,250 feet of new sanitary sewer and storm drains for sewer separation, 1,250 feet of upgraded water lines to improve our local water supply system and replace lead service pipes, and 3,000 feet of new conduit to expand the City's fiber optic network. These reconstructive measures will protect the drinking water supply for all businesses and residents in the area, prevent flooding, reduce sewage flowing to the Mystic River, and minimize sewer backups.

Phase II - Surface Improvements

  • Projected Start: Spring 2026
  • Projected Completion: Winter 2027
Phase II is expected to begin in spring 2026 and finish in 2027. This phase of the project will be executed as a state Transportation Improvement Project through MassDOT and a local project by the Chelsea Department of Housing and Community Development and will address surface improvements. It advances the key goals of the 2018 Re-Imagining Broadway Plan, including the reconfiguration of Bellingham Square to allow left turns from Hawthorn Street to 5th Street, a permanent dedicated bus/bike lane on Broadway, and the renovation of City Hall Plaza.
map of intersection construction

New traffic reconfiguration at Hawthorn Street and 5th Street
Phase II also includes sidewalk and roadway reconstruction, bus stop improvements, traffic signal installation, and pedestrian safety measures focusing on improved access, safety, and mobility for everyone. The project will make Downtown Broadway greener by increasing green infrastructure and urban tree canopy and mitigate urban heat islands along the corridor.

Landscape Design at City Hall Plaza 

The City, through its Department of Public Works, has hired Albanese D&S as then contractor and Dewberry Engineers to oversee Phase I of this work. Construction hours and additional information will be available at or by calling Chelsea:311 (617-466-4209 from outside Chelsea).

city hall plaza landscape design

Downtown Broadway Utility Improvement – City Council Subcommittee – 30 January 2024


Project FAQs

What are the construction hours?
7 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday
Will night work be necessary?
This project is not utilizing night work.
Will this construction happen year-round?
Yes, we anticipate this project will proceed continuously through Fall 2025.
Is construction planned to occur block-by-block?
Yes. Visit for an updated construction map. 
When is the project expected to be completed?
Fall 2025
Are scheduled water shutdowns expected to happen?
Water shutdowns are scheduled to happen during the first week of June for all businesses. You will be notified at least 2 business days in advance if your property is impacted.
Will trees be removed along the Broadway corridor?
Not at this time.
How can I report concerns during construction hours?
Please call 617-466-4209, use the 311 app, or email
How can I track the progress of the construction?
How do I contact the City with additional questions about this project?
Please call 617-466-4209, use the 311 app, or email:

Getting around Downtown

Where can I park my car during construction?
The Chestnut Street Parking Lot and the 2nd Street Parking Lot under the Tobin Bridge. More information will be available as the project progresses.
Where should I look for road closure and traffic information?
Residents and business owners can find all traffic and parking information on the City's Traffic Advisory page. Additionally, this information is updated in live time on City's Traffic Advisory social media accounts.
Will sidewalks remain accessible during construction hours?
Will the bus stops be relocated during construction?
Yes! Signage will be posted publicly prior to relocation. 

For Restaurants and Small Businesses

Will the 15-minute pick-up sparking spots still be available during construction?
Not in the active construction zone. Approved spots will not be temporarily relocated for the project. 
Will my business storefront be accessible during construction hours?
Yes. Access to the sidewalk will be clear.
Will scheduled water shutdowns affect my operations?
Yes, business owners will be notified 2 business days in advance. Most water impacts will be limited to early June 2024. If you have questions e-mail: