Elections, Voting & Campaign Finance

View information for past elections, voting results, and financial reports. For MA voting information, you can read more on the Secretary of State's Election Division website.

NOTE: Check your voter registration status for the upcoming election via the Online Voter Registration System (OVR).

Elections / Voting

Available Information:


2021 Election Info 


View all information related to the 2021 Election schedule for the Preliminary and City Election.



2020 Election Info 


View all information related to the 2020 Election schedule for the Presidential Primary and the Massachusetts State Primary and General Election. 


2019 Election Info


The City's Preliminary Election is September 24, 2019; the City Election will be November 5, 2019. 


2019 Election Calendar


This calendar is in PDF format.


Voting Districts & Polling Locations


Find a voting location near you. This document is available in PDF format.


Absentee Ballots


Download forms in English and Spanish. All forms are available in PDF format.


Election Results


View all election summary reports dated from 2010 - 2020. 

Campaign Finance Reports

Available Reports:
Period ending Dec. 31, 2020
Period ending Dec. 31, 2019
Period ending Dec. 31, 2018
Period ending Dec. 31, 2017
Period ending Oct. 20, 2017
Period ending Sep. 1, 2017
Period ending Dec. 31, 2016
Period ending Dec. 31, 2016
Period ending Sep 30, 2013
Period ending Oct 31, 2013
Period ending Dec 31, 2013
Period ending Aug. 26, 2011
Period ending Oct. 21, 2011
Period ending Dec. 31, 2011
Period ending Dec. 31, 2010