Board of Health

The board of health, consisting of five members, preserves and maintains the city's public health standards and protects its environmental resources through community education, and by promulgating reasonable rules and regulations pertaining to those matters placed under its jurisdiction by this administrative code, which shall include the communicable diseases, the sanitary code, the environmental code, food purity and quality, housing quality, solid waste, establishments possessing, processing, operating, or dealing in hazardous and/or toxic waste, solid waste haulers, septage haulers, noisome trades, fuel and chemical storage systems, dilapidated structures and lead paint, and all other areas of environmental quality. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Luis Prado, MSPIH Director, HHS (617) 466-4090

Board Members

Name Title
Christopher Miller Chair
Catherine Maas Member
Madeleine Scammell Member
Dr. Dean C. Xerras Member
Emmanuel Jonathan Tellez Member