Assessing Department Overview:

Our mission is to provide fiscal stability by fairly and equitably determining the valuation of all real and personal property within the City of Chelsea.

The Assessing Department is responsible for the assessment and abatements of real estate and personal property taxes as well as the abatements of motor vehicle excise taxes. The office also handles personal exemptions, tax deferrals, deed references and maintenance of property record cards. Our office is available to answer any questions regarding these topics and will gladly direct you to the appropriate department for all other inquiries.

  • FY 2019 Residential Tax Rate = $14.25 per thousand
  • FY 2019 Commercial/Industrial/Personal Property Tax Rate = $29.14
  • Residential Exemption = $1897.13 in tax dollars that equates to $133,132 in assessed value
  • For Tax Rate History, click on Assessing Documents button

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mary Lou Ireland, MPA, MAA Director of Assessing
Kevin Killoran Appraiser
Marisol Nieves Office Manager/Data Analyst
Jim Sullivan Assistant Assessor