Permit Application and Fees

The following operations in the table require permitting through the Chelsea Fire Department, effective July 17, 2010. 

Payment: Please make checks payable to the City of Chelsea with a copy of your application. We accept business checks, bank checks, and money orders only. Cash and personal checks will not be accepted.

For questions or information concerning inspections, permits, fire code issues or Master Box disconnects, please call the Fire Prevention Division at 617-466-4620.

Permit Type:Fee:Expiration:

Ansul Suppression System (MGL 148:10A ­ 527CMR 23.00)

Installation, Repair, Modifications$50.003 Months
Certificate of Compliance Inspection (MGL 148: 26 E,F,G,H)  
Single Family/ Condo Unit$50.002 Months
2­ Family/Residential Units$100.002 Months
3 to 6 Residential Units$150.002 Months
7 or more Residential Units$500.002 Months

Certificate of Compliance Waiver

(Fee is same as above depending on # of units)

$50­-$5002 Months
Fire Alarm Systems (527CMR 24.00)  
Fire Alarm System Installation$50.0060 days
Smoke/ Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation$50.0060 days
Sprinkler Systems (MGL 148:27A)  
Sprinkler System Installation$50.0060 days
Hot Work, Welding, Cutting (MGL 148 10A ­ 527 CMR 14.00)  
Cutting/welding Work Permit * Fire Watch Required *$50.003 Months
Oil Burners Permits (MGL 148:10 ­ 527 CMR 4.00)  
Residential Installation$25.00n/a
Storage Tanks Installation/ Removal(MGL 148: 23 ­ 527 CMR 8,14)  
Aboveground Storage Tank Removal ( per tank)$50.003 Months
Aboveground Storage Tank Installation( per tank)$50.003 Months
Underground Storage Tank Installation­(per tank)$50.003 Months
Underground Storage Tank Removal ­(per tank) * Detail Required *$50.003 Months
Underground Storage Tank Alteration$50.003 Months
Flammable/Combustible Storage Permit ( Tanks, Vehicles) (527 CMR 14.3)  
Annual Permit$50.0012 Months
Maintain an Existing/New Storage Tank Facility for Storage Tanks (527 CMR 9.00)  
Annual Permit$50.0012 Months
Fuel Transfer Operations (527 CMR 5.08)  
30 Day Permit$50.0030 Days
Liquified Petroleum Gas Tanks (527 CMR 6.00 ­ MGL 148:10A)  
Tank Installation$50.003 Months
Permit to store LPG$50.0012 Months
Tank Trucks  
Tank Truck Inspection (2-year decal)$50.0024 Months
Tank Vehicles Parked Overnight (527 CMR 8.04, 14.03)  
Annual Permit ­ Per vehicle$50.0012 Months
Tar Kettle Permit (527 CMR 14.00 ­ MGL 148:10A)$25.003 Months
Tire Storage Permit (527 CMR 10.03) $5012 months
Permit to Use Portable/Temporary Heaters (MGL 148: 25) (Salamanders)$503 months
Fumigation/Fogging Permit (527 CMR 10.06)$507 months
Special Effects Permit (527 CMR 2.09) * Fire Watch Required *$507 months
General Permit$503 months