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311 Chelsea a one-stop shop for all your inquiries to the City Hall.

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One Call to City Hall

This new system simplifies, expedites, expands and replaces the SeeClickFix system. You can call us directly at 311 (during city hall hours), download our app 311Chelsea or access our website. The new 311 system has a website and app that will simplify non-emergency resident-reporting in three ways:

1. Issue Location

You can let us know where the issue is occurring by using an interactive map to help pick out the exact location.

2. Issue Details

You can then tell us what the issue is. A list of common issues that our residents encounter will appear on a drop-down selection. From there you can fill in the details of the issue and include a photo if necessary.

3. Contact Information

Finally, you can let us know how to best contact you so that we can update you as the issue is being fixed.

On the website, you will see a Knowledge Base section. The Knowledge Base is filled with information relevant to the type of public issue. For example, if you have a trash/recycling issue, the Knowledge Base will let you know the times of trash collection or how to best dispose of large items. This Knowledge Base serves as a way to answer many frequently asked questions.  

The new 311 system will facilitate the City’s workflow as well. As these issues are reported by our residents, the new system will automatically assign the issue to the city worker who can best resolve it. This way, problems are not in a single queue waiting to be assigned.   There will be a new dedicated employee who will help manage and oversee all work order issues. This way, your reported issue doesn’t get lost in the system.

Moreover, the 311 system will enable greater feedback. Residents will be able to track the status of the public issue and be able to email any comments or concerns they may have. The City will also receive aggregated feedback through auto-generated reports. With both types of feedback, we can continually improve and evolve this system. Along with the website or app, you will be able to call 311 and get in contact with a city employee directly. Please help us spread the word about the new 311 system!

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