Treasurer / Collector


The Treasury and Customer Service & Collection team's (T/C) primary functions are to preserve, protect and manage the financial resources of the City. The T/C is responsible for receipt, accurate accounting, and prudent investment of all City funds to maximize yields while maintaining adequate liquidity and ensuring compliance with Massachusetts General Laws, City of Chelsea ordinances, and any other applicable financial mandates. The Collection and Customer Service team is also responsible for providing a single point of contact to all tax / rate-payers with respect to their financial transactions.

The Central Support and Mail Distribution's (CS&MD) primary function is to provide for the efficient and timely delivery of all mail. The department is also responsible for ordering all office supplies adhering to 30B requirements.

The Central Billing and Research team's (CB&R) primary funtion is to provide accurate and timely invoicing of all utilities, to complete a thorough and proactive review of all rate-payer accounts, to invoice for other miscellaneous services i.e. towing, host fees, pilot/lease fees. To complete all research as it relates to Utilities.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Robert Boulrice Director Treasurer / Collector (617) 466-4240
Colleen Lewis Assistant Collector & Manager of Customer Service
Zaida Lopez Customer Service & Collections
Migdalia Justiniano Customer Service & Collections
Patrice Montefusco Assistant Treasurer
Julia Velazquez Treasury
Beatrice Hernandez Treasury
Elsa Quesada Treasury
Phyllis Deleidi Supervisor of Central Billing & Research