Excavation Safety and Regulations

Before you dig in Chelsea...

Call Dig Safe (1-888-DIG-SAFE)

Excavating Contractors Registration Process

Please be advised, effective May 1, 2007, all contractors wishing to excavate streets within the City of Chelsea must be registered with the Department of Public Works. This is a link to the “Guide to Excavating Contractors Registration” with all the necessary paperwork to apply for registration. If you are planning to work in the city this spring, it is recommended that your application be filed by April 15th in order for it to be processed by the May 1st deadline. Registrations may be applied for at any time during the year; however they will all expire on April 30th of each year.

The DPW will compile a list of registered contractors to be distributed upon request.

Please contact Chelsea Public Works at 617-466-4200 with any questions.

Street Opening Permits

Please be advised that as of July 1, 2005 anyone wishing to excavate any street and/or sidewalk within the City of Chelsea will be required to fill out a Street Opening Permit Application with the Department of Public Works 48 hours prior to beginning any work.

The City will no longer allow excavations to occur before a signed copy of the permit has been issued.  Failure to abide by this process will result in loss of privileges to perform work within the public ways.

Street Opening Checklist

The following materials must be provided to the DPW priorto obtaining a Permit to Excavate a street or sidewalk:

  • Completed Street Opening Permits Application (including DigSafe number)
  • Two hundred (200) dollar non-refundable application fee (fifty (50) dollars for public utilities).
  • Five hundred (500) dollar deposit by certified check, refundable upon a satisfactory inspection by the DPW of the permanent asphalt patch.
  • Ten thousand (10,000) dollar performance bond.
  • Five hundred thousand (500,000) dollar Certificate of Insurance for General Liability.