City Manager

City Manager's Message

Hello to all Chelsea residents, potential residents, investors, developers and all those with an interest in a better Chelsea.

I'm honored to have been selected as Chelsea's new City Manager. I am eager to build upon Chelsea's many recent successes and to continue chipping away at its challenges. I have, literally and figuratively, big shoes to fill in succeeding Jay Ash’s outstanding tenure as City Manager. But I promise to do my very best to become a worthy successor.

To the extent feasible, I am glad to meet or speak with residents about their concerns or issues. Your input is valuable to me as I gain a deeper understanding of Chelsea. I look forward to working productively with departmental staff, community based organizations, the business community and most importantly, the diverse and hard-working people of Chelsea to preserve the City as a wonderful place to live, work, and do business.

Thomas G. Ambrosino
City Manager

The City Manager is hired by, and reports to, the City Council. The City Manager is the City’s Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for the proper operation of city affairs, such as:

  • Directing or supervising all officers and employees of the administration;
  • Keeping the City Council informed as to the needs of the city, and to recommend to the city council for adoption such measures requiring action by them as the city manager deems necessary or expedient;
  • preparing and submitting an annual operating budget, capital improvement program and a long term financial forecast;
  • Attending all regular and special meetings of the city council, unless excused, and answering all questions addressed to the city manager which are related to matters under his/her general supervision.

Click here for a full accounting of the City Manager’s responsibilities.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Thomas G. Ambrosino City Manager (617) 466-4100
Edward (Ned) Keefe Deputy City Manager (617) 466-4100
Axelle Bagot Innovation Advisor (617) 466-4183
Erin Whitten Multi-Media Specialist (617) 466-4183
Nancy Pantano Administrative Assistant (617) 466-4100